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Hello there! I'm Laura, a married mom of two and small town gal who loves making things pretty. I enjoy web and graphic design, drawing and painting, singing and playing the piano, and a little bit of interior design. I do a lot of creative work for New Beginnings Church in Brooklyn, Iowa. I have a passion for doing this work, so I chose to focus on it in the blog.

I'm a freelance web designer, and I'd love to help you out with your project, whether it's designing a site from scratch, creating a web logo or graphics, or making updates to your existing site. My freelance work is what helps support my family as well as my ministry. Please check out my portfolio to see examples of my web design work.

As a family we love riding our bikes, cuddling any animals we can get our hands on, visiting my parents' farm, and going to church. We're very blessed!

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